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In a world where online has become a “way of life”, it is vitally important for any business with an online presence to invest in a journey of growth and hands on maintenance to maintain or strengthen their brand’s reputation.

In doing so, you increase customer confidence and visibility, attract new customers and improve your overall brand health online.

What we do?

We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.


We believe a purpose without a strategy is risky! We are able to tailor your entire e-commerce solution to suit your business requirements and budget.

Web Design & Development

To achieve positive and impactful visual engagement with your brand, it is important to find the right Web Designer that is invested in understanding your brand and the message you are wanting to land with the end user.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics consists of 4 key stages: data collection, storage, organising and analysing for business objectives.

Digital Marketing

Every brand / business has a target audience. There are more than 7 Billion people in the world, of which 4 billion are avid internet users. This is a direct link to the behaviour change in consumers when shopping.

Online Reputation Management

Access to accurate location-based information is becoming increasingly important. Global consumers rely on reviews to guide their decision making.

Recruitment Solutions

Our Talent Acquisition Specialist has a deep understanding of the Recruitment landscape and the challenges that come with sourcing and identifying the right talent, particularly in the Tech Space.

Managing your online image ensures...

Fair & Accurate Representation

Regulate how customers views your brand. When a customer can resonate with your brand, there is synergy. This creates customer confidence which translates into brand loyalty.

Qualified Lead Generation & Orders

Maximise on ROI and minimise wasted effort so you can distribute your time effectively and prioritize quantifiable leads creating a direct link to income generation.

Access To Valuable Business Insights

Having access to data is not enough, you have to immerse yourself in understanding what it is telling you, herein lies the power to improve. Data literacy places you in a place of knowing what to improve.

Increased Customer Loyalty And Retention

Customer engagement enables your brand authority. When a customer feels heard along with a sense of belonging, maintaining this identity creates a sense of community.

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Our Experts Waiting For You

Actonia Group of companies have partnered with some of the best specialists in their disciplines ensuring you have the best talent at your disposal as well as the latest technology.

Clients Who Have Partnered With Us

SEO & Analytics
Overview: Most likely the most complex website we have search engine optimised to date. The latest being an SEO migration.
Website Development
Overview: A hip company focussing on online reputation management and also one of our partners required a website which could be more product focussed and become a self service portal for its customers.
Analytics & BI
Overview: The B2B marketplace of Heineken Beverages has a wealth of data and was in required our expertise to assist them in providing data to track revenue and sales in order to make data driven marketing decisions.
SEO & Analytics
Overview: A startup with a great product! Product range was growing fast and so were the issues in organic search.
Website Development
Overview: Closed to our heart. Ithatha Ilali is focussed on helping orphans transition into the workplace after they leave an orphanage.
Website development
Overview: Ozprop a commercial property investment company in Sydney Australia has been our client since 2015, required a website which is easy to navigate to their acquisitions for clients to enquire.
Overview: A startup directory focussed on bringing together all education in South Africa available to the world. They quickly realised the importance of search engine optimisation when Google started reporting issues in Google search console.
Overview: A coupon based marketplace with a large dataset of rich data. Hyperli wanted to have one source of truth with their data in order to make data driven decisions.
Digital Transformation
Overview: Heineken Beverages brand, The Sip Collection was born out of a B2C market place, advertising all its best brands as a comparison site to shop through its B2B network.
BI and Analytics
Overview: For the cause! My Smart City brings municipalities closer to communities in South Africa whereby you can report faults relating to their cities with a tap of a button.